Lincoln Power Feed 25M Aluminum Case Wire Feeder K2536-4

By: Lincoln Electric
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The Power Feed 25M semiautomatic wire feeder is push-pull capable for premium aluminum welding.

Advanced process control. Rugged, portable design.

This compact shop or construction wire feeder is push-pull capable for premium aluminum welding. Featuring our MAXTRAC® drive system, full controls and procedural memory presets, the Power Feed® 25M is ready for advanced process welding on almost any application.

  • Push-Pull Functionality - Delivers premier aluminum performance by offering uniform feeding, as well as the ability to extend gun to feeder distance.
  • Internal Lighting - Illuminates the wire drive for working in dark environments.
  • Internal Heating - Maintains control of humidity by keeping consumables warmed and protected within the enclosed case.
  • Dual Procedure and Memory Buttons
    • Allow you to set an A and B procedure to simplify on the-fly switching. Allows the operator to easily recall a waveform and specify the range of operation for the application.
  • Compact Case Design - Fits through a 16 in. (406 mm) diameter or 12 x 18 in. (305 x 457 mm) opening. Ideal for construction and shipbuilding.


  • Push-Pull Functionality
  • Internal Lighting
  • Internal Heating
  • Dual Procedure and Memory Buttons
  • Compact Case Design

What's Included

  • Gas Solenoid Gun Bushing Electrode Pigtail

Product Weights & Dimensions

Dimensions (H x W x D) 14.5 in x 216 in (368 mm)
Net Weight 16.33 lbs (16.33 kg)


Max Rating 500


Typical Application Construction
Railroad Maintenance
Cross Country Pipeline
Armor Plate (Military)
Construction & Field Erection
Dissimilar Metals
Elevated Temperature Piping
Galvanized Steel
Gasification Plants
General Fabrication
Glass Industry
Heat Exchangers
Heavy Equipment
Heavy Fabrication
High Pressure Piping
High Temperature
High-strength Pipe
LPG & LNG Storage Vessels
Maintenance & Repair
Marine Applications
Marine Fabrication & Repair
NACE Applications
Oil & Gas
Petrochemical Industry
Petroleum Processing
Pharmaceutical Equipment
Pipeline & Offshore
Power Generation
Power Plants
Pressure Vessels
Process Piping
Railcar Fabrication
Railing Industry
Casting Repair
Repair Welding
Robotics/ Hard Automation
Structural Fabrication
Structural Welding


Warranty 5 Years