Harris 1/8" x 36" 15 Low-Fuming Bronze Flux-Coated Brazing Alloy - 10 lbs.

By: Harris Products Group
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HARRIS 15 low fuming bronze is considered a “braze-welding” alloy as this copper/zinc alloy exhibits minimal capillary action during brazing. This limits joint design primarily to lap, tee, and butt joints. Butt joints require some edge preparation typically incorporating beveled edges to provide a location for filler metal to be applied and to ensure alloy penetration to the joint root. LFB was developed primarily to braze steel and some cast iron grades including malleable and grey iron. It can be used to join copper but due to its elevated melting temperature care must be taken during brazing to avoid overheating or melting the copper. It is used with the oxy-fuel process. These alloys are flux-coated.


  • Copper-zinc braze-welding flux-coated rod
  • Flux coating provides excellent wetting action with no objectable fuming
  • Exhibits minimal capillary action during brazing
  • Limited joint designs to lap, tee and butt joints, although butt joints require some edge preparation
  • Good machinability
  • Produces porosity-free deposits
  • Color matches yellow brass
  • Developed to braze steel and some cast iron grades, including malleable and gray iron. Also, used to join copper.
  • Corrosion resistance is similar to most high zinc brass alloys. Care should be taken on service conditions where water immersion is involved as dezincification is a potential issue.