Lincoln Sprinter 180Si TIG One-Pak Stick Welder K5584-1

By: Lincoln Electric
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The Sprinter™ 180Si stick welder gives you power in a small package. Weighing in under 20 lbs., it is lightweight and portable, and the 180 amp output enables you to weld electrodes up to 5/32 inches, including 7018 and 6010. This machine is more than just a stick welder. The Sprinter 180Si welder combines superior stick capabilities with high-frequency TIG, pulsed TIG mode, amptrol compatibility and dual input voltage (120V/230V). A simple display allows you to dial in the weld settings so you can get started quickly and easily on any job, anywhere – maintenance work, fabrication, light structural and everything in between. The Sprinter 180Si is a stick welder and so much more.


  • Sprinter 180Si welder
  • Insulated Electrode Holder and Cable
  • Heavy Duty Work Clamp and Cable
  • 230V to 120V Power Cord Adapter
  • Caliber 17 Series TIG Torch (K5339-17F-1)
  • Parts Kit for 17 series Tig Torch (KP4760-HD)
  • Foot Pedal (K4361-1)
  • Adjustable Gas Regulator and Hose (3100211)
  • TIG Torch Adapter (K1622-7)
  • Case (K5549-1)


The Sprinter 180Si is a lightweight inverter welding machine capable of DC Stick and TIG applications 

  • 180 Amp output, can weld electrodes up to 5/32 in.
  • Superior arc performance for 7018 and 6010
  • High frequency TIG with pulsed TIG mode
  • Lightweight & portable — weighs under 20 lbs. 


Pulsed TIG
Use pulsed TIG welding to help minimize burn through on thin materials. It can help to increase travel speed and result in smaller bead width. Lower
heat input may lessen warpage of parts, especially stainless steel materials.

TIG pulse can be turned on or off in the advanced options menu. The Pulsed TIG feature has a single knob control which sets the pulse frequency over
the range of 0.1 too 100 pulses per second. The pulse setting automatically regulates the output current between the peak amperage set by the
amptrol (if used) and the background amperage, which is equal to 50% of the peak. The peak pulse % on-time is fixed at 50%.


  • Two Stick Modes - Dedicated E6010 and E7108 weld modes allow for greater welding versatility and superior performance
  • High Frequency Start - Strike a precise arc every time while TIG welding
  • Pulsed TIG Mode - Provides heat management and enhanced control when making thin, precise welds
  • Dual Input - Run the Sprinter 180Si welder off 120V or 230V depending on the job


  • Stick mode for Crisp Arc on cellulosic electrodes such as 6010/6011/6013. 
  • Voltage Output indicator. 
  • Select Hz rate for Pulsed TIG when welding thin materials or achieving a cleaner weld appearance. 
  • Stick Mode for Soft Arc on electrodes such as 7018. 
  • Hi Frequency TIG Mode for use with start button or foot pedal. 
  • Lift TIG Mode for lift start TIG welding.

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