Lincoln Power MIG 262MP Aluminum One-Pak (Push-Pull Gun) MIG Welder - K5638-1

By: Lincoln Electric
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Experience the ultimate in professional-grade performance with the POWER MIG® 262MP. With a max output of 300 Amps and multi-process functionality including MIG, Pulsed MIG, Stick, Flux-Cored, and TIG, the 262MP delivers all the performance and versatility you expect from the POWER MIG family. Equipped with cutting-edge technology like Ready.Set.Weld®, ArcFX®, and Weld Set Memory, the POWER MIG 262MP puts precise machine control at your fingertips. Navigate effortlessly through its features with the intuitive 7-inch LCD display, ensuring seamless operation and unparalleled operator control. From autobody projects to all-day fabrication, trust the POWER MIG 262MP to deliver the unmatched performance and reliability you need.


• 7-Inch Color Display - Enhances communication between operator and machine.
• Aluminum Pulse Process - Welds 4XXX and 5XXX series aluminum for superior quality welding.
• Multi-Process Capable - Welds MIG, flux-cored, stick, TIG, and Pulsed MIG.
• Synergic Control - Set weld procedures with one control.
• Rugged MAXTRAC® Industrial Wire Drive - Allows for constant wire feed speed and consistent welds.
• Stick Settings for 6010 + 6011 - Superior performance with cellulosic electrodes.
• 300 Amp Max Output - Perfect for autobody, general fabrication, education, and more.
• Memory Recall - Easily save and access memories with the newly enhanced UI.

K5638-1 Power MIG 262MP Aluminum One-Pak® (Push-Pull Gun)Includes:

• K4530-2 Magnum PRO 250L Welding Gun
• K586-1 Adjustable Gas Regulator and Hose
• KP1696-1 Drive Roll Kit 0.035/0.045 in
• 10 ft Work Cable with Clamp
• 10 ft Power Cable with Plug
• Magnum® PRO AL Front Trigger Gun G225A, 7 pin (25 ft.) (7.6 m)
• KP1695-3/64A Aluminum Drive roll kit, 2-roll, 3/64 in. (1.2 mm)
• SuperGlaze® 5356 3/64 in. (1.2 mm) 16 lb (7.3 kg) spool