Lincoln Electric Flextec 500X/ Flex Feed 84 Ready-Pak - K3608-4

By: Lincoln Electric
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Flextec® 500X/ Flex Feed 84 Ready Pak&reg multi-process welder delivers up to 500 amps of welding power using inverter technology.

Powerful Performance From the Ground Up

Out in the shipyards, construction sites and fabrication shops, it pays to keep it simple.The Flextec 500X multi-process welder is easy to set up and operate, yet rugged enough to stand up to heavy-duty indoor and outdoor applications.

Basic pulse MIG capability is standard on the Flextec 500X , including weld modes for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and metalcore electrodes.

The Flextec 500X welder is also equipped with CrossLinc® technology giving you the flexibility to control the machine from hundreds of feet away without a control cable.


  • Simple interface for ease of use
  • CrossLinc technology eliminates extra cables for simple system setup


  • IP 23 rating means the Flextec 500X welder will excel in outdoor environments, such as construction sites and shipyards
  • Flextec 500X welder is Desert Duty® rated for operation in the harshest environments (up to 55C)
  • Durable trayed and potted PC boards for electronics environmental protection


  • Multi-process power source for all your welding needs
  • Compatible with all 42VAC wire feeders for MIG and FluxCoredFlux cored welding
  • Arclink® enabled power source provides synergic pulse modes
  • CrossLinc allows for remote control of CV and CC processes without extra cables
  • Optimized Stick welding for both cellulosic and low hydrogen electrodes
  • Touch-start TIGTIG for easy, contamination free starts without high frequency


  • Full functionality without control cables
  • Enables remote procedure setting at the feeder to improve weld quality
  • Increases arc time with fewer trips to the power source to adjust settings
  • Improves safety by reducing jobsite clutter


  • Industrial, heavy fab system
  • Ready-paks are shipped fully assembled and mounted on cart.
  • Flex Feed 84 is the ideal feeder for shops that require rugged durability and process control.
  • Magnum PRO Curve gun combines industrial grade construction with with comfortable, ergonomic Curve handle
  • Multi process power source for all your welding needs

What's Included

  • Drive Roll Kit .035, .045 (0.9, 1.2 mm) Solid Wire | KP1505-1
  • Flextec® 500X Locking Foot Kit | K3056-2
  • Cart for Inverter and Wire Feeder | K3059-4
  • Control Cable Extension - Male 14 pin to Female 14 pin - 10 ft (3 m) | K1797-10
  • Work Lead - Lug & GC500 Ground Clamp (4/0, 600A, 60%) - 15 ft (15.3 m) | K2149-1
  • Weld Power Cable - Lug to Lug (3/0, 600A, 60%) - 10 ft (3 m) | K1842-10
  • Feeder Mounting Kit for Inverter Cart | K4068-1
  • Magnum® PRO Curve™ 400 Welding Guns | K2952-2-10-45
  • Flextec® 500X Multi-Process Welder | K3607-1
  • Flex Feed® 84 Single Bench with Heavy Duty Wire Reel Stand | K5000-2
  • Model 355-2Ar-58010 Flowmeter Regulator Shielding Gas Kit | 3100211
Flextec 500X Spec Sheet Click to Download
Flex Feed 84 / Flex Feed 84 Dual Spec Sheet Click to Download
Operator's Manual Click to Download