Lincoln Electric Flextec 500X Aluminum One-Pak

Lincoln Electric
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Powerful Performance From the Ground Up. Out in the shipyards, construction sites and fabrication shops, it pays to keep it simple. The Flextec 500X multi-process welder is easy to set up and operate, yet rugged enough to stand up to heavy-duty indoor and outdoor applications. Basic pulse MIG capability is standard on the Flextec 500X , including weld modes for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and metalcore electrodes. The Flextec 500X welder is also equipped with CrossLinc technology giving you the flexibility to control the machine from hundreds of feet away without a control cable. One-Pak comes with the Power Feed 25M Advanced Wire Feeder that features the MAXTRAC drive system, full controls and procedural memory presets. The Power Feed 25M includes push-pull functionality delivers premium aluminum performance by offering uniform feeding. This bundle also includes the Magnum PRO Aluminum rear trigger welding gun, 2 roll drive and wire guides for 3/64 in. and 1/16 in. Aluminum wire, Harris Aluminum Flowmeter/ Regulator, and necessary cables.

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