Lenco AF-50 500 Amp Welding Electrode Holder 01060

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Lenco AF-50 500 Amp Welding Electrode Holder 01060

LENCO electrode holders are designed to fit comfortably in the welder's hand. Each design allows the LENCO electrode holder to fit a welder's hand like a glove and provide superior electrode control.

Choosing The Right Size...

The choice of an electrode holder that will be lightweight, run cool, and at the least cost can be determined first by the maximum rod used and
second, by the maximum amperage setting used. LENCO holder numbers indicate the amperage capacity. For example, an AF-2 holder has a
maximum amperage capacity of 250 amps. Match the holder to the rod and amperage used for greatest efficiency.

1. LENCO's durable tip insulators are molded from a high impact/high temperature fiberglass compound.

2. The upper lever is fully insulated. The low profile "AF" Series design fits your hand comfortably while the "HT" Series allows greater hand clearance.

3. LENCO's powerful spring holds the electrode securely in place and prevents electrode slippage. The spring is protected by a Lexan cup insulator.

4. LENCO's specially designed oval-point screw makes it easy to install our holder on a cable. Just strip off the appropriate length of cable insulation and insert it into the holder body, then tighten down the large oval-point screw with an allen wrench. This makes an excellent connection. As a safety precaution, the handle retention screw is upset to prevent removal.

Material Construction

AF/HT-2, 25, 3, 35 and 50 holder handles are molded from a durable glass filled nylon material with excellent heat and impact resistance.

LENCO electrode holders (upper and lower tongs) are made from a high copper alloy for maximum conductivity and strength. The top and bottom tip insulators are a molded fiberglass compound and will withstand intensive heat and impact. Parts for all models are replaceable. The oval-point screw cable connection is standard on all models.