Harris Model 15-5 Aircraft-Style Torch Handle with Front Valves 1401410

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Model 15-5 is a lightweight aircraft-style torch handle with “A” (3⁄8"-24) hose connection. It is equipped with front valves for more convenient adjustment while welding or brazing. Model 15-4 is compatible with all fuel gases. It can be used for welding, brazing and light heating. Welds up to 5/16" (7.9mm) plate.


  • Lightweight aircraft-style torch handle with front valves for use with all fuel gases
  • Silver-brazed twin inner tube construction for strength, safety and durability while still being lightweight
  • Tube-within-a-tube construction for optimum flow performance while providing maximum leak integrity
  • Seals and seats are compatible with gas flux
  • Features "A" (3/8"-24) hose fittings
  • Embossed with model number for ease in selecting compatible parts
  • Handle is 5 3/4" (146.0mm) in length
  • Front valves provide more convenient adjustment
  • Welds up to 5/16" (7.9mm) plate.

General Equipment

Compatible Mixer Model Number B-15-3
Compatible Tip Tube Model Number TH-50-2
Gas / Gas Service All Fuel Gases
Hose Connection/Fittings 3/8" - 24 "A
Torch Length 5/3/4"/146.0mm
Welding Capacity Welds to 5 ⁄16"/7.933
Welding/Brazing Tip Model Number - Acetylene 5090 (0-10)
8490 (2,4,6,8)
1390 (0-10)
Welding/Brazing Tip Model Number - Alternate Fuels 8490-N (4-8)
1390-N (2-10)


Compatible Heating Tip Model Number - Acetylene-H2 (Size) 8490-6-65
1390 (HA)
Compatible Heating Tip Model Number - Alternate Fuel (Size) 8490-6-65
1390 (H&B)


Warranty 1 Year

Custom Field

Mixers B-15-3
Mixers B-15-3F
Mixers B-15-3S
Tip Tubes TH-50-2
Tip Tubes TH-50-2XL
Tip Tubes D-50-C
Tip Tubes D-50-CXL
Tip Tubes D-50-CS
Tip Tubes QC-D-50-C12
Tip Tubes 8493-N
Welding/Brazing Tips 5090
Welding/Brazing Tips 8490
Welding/Brazing Tips 1390
Welding/Brazing Tips 8490-N
Welding/Brazing Tips 1390-N
Heating Tips 8490-6-65
Heating Tips 1390

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