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Model 18-5 is a heavy duty automatic torch handle. The thumb-operated on/off control knob for convenient operation. It can be used for welding, brazing, cutting and light heating with all fuel gases. The pilot light feature can be used for acetylene welding and brazing only. The 18-5 is not recommended for heavy heating. This model is equipped with easy-to-replace FlashGuard® check valves. Cuts up to 5" (127.0mm) plate and Welds up to 1/2" (12.7mm) plate.


  • Heavy duty automatic torch handle for use with all fuel gases
  • Silver-brazed twin inner tube construction for strength, safety and durability while still being lightweight
  • Tube-within-a-tube construction for optimum flow performance while providing maximum leak integrity
  • On/Off thumb-operated control knob for convenience and ease of-use during operation
  • Pilot light for better vision during use. (The light can be used for acetylene welding and brazing only. Not recommended for use during heating applications)
  • Embossed with model number for ease in selecting compatible parts
  • Handle is 10 1/2" (266.7mm) in length
  • Equipped with FlashGuard® replaceable check valves
  • Cuts up to 5" (127.0mm) plate and Welds up to 1/2" (12.7mm) plate.

General Equipment

Compatible Cutting Attachment Model Number 73-3; 49-3F (alternate fuels only)
Compatible Cutting Tip Model Number - Acetylene-H2 (Size) 6290; 6290-AC; 6290-S
Compatible Cutting Tip Model Number - Alternate Fuel (Size) 6290-NX, 6290-NXP; 6290-NFF
Compatible Mixer Model Number E-43
Compatible Tip Tube Model Number 8593
Compatible Welding/Brazing Tip Style - Acetylene-H2 (Size) 23A90 (1-10) & (13&15)
1390 (0-10) and (13)
Compatible Welding/Brazing Tip Style - Alternate Fuel (Size) 1390-N (2-10) & (13, 15, 20, 30, 80)
Construction Tube-within-a-tube
Cutting Capacity Cuts up to 5" (127.0mm) plate
Duty Heavy
Equipped With FlashGuard® check valves
Gas / Gas Service All Fuel Gases
Torch Handle Model Number 18-5
Torch Length 10.5" (266.7mm)
Welding Capacity Welds up to 1/2" (12.7mm) plate


Compatible Heating Tip Model Number - Acetylene-H2 (Size) J-63 (1&2); 1390 (HA)
Compatible Heating Tip Model Number - Alternate Fuel (Size) 1390(B&H) & (3H)


Warranty 1 Year

Custom Field

Mixers E-43
Mixers E2-43
Mixers E3-43
Mixers B-43-N
Tip Tubes 8593
Tip Tubes T-43
Welding/Brazing Tips 23A90
Welding/Brazing Tips 1390
Welding/Brazing Tips 1390-N
Heating Tips J-63
Heating Tips 1390
Cutting Attachments 73-3
Cutting Attachments 49-3F
Cutting Tips 6290
Cutting Tips 6290AC
Cutting Tips 6290-S
Cutting Tips 6290NX
Cutting Tips 6290NXP
Cutting Tips 6290NXM
Cutting Tips 6290NFF

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