Harris 600 All Purpose Powder Brazing Flux 1 lb. Can

By: Harris Products Group
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HARRIS® 600 brazing flux is an all-purpose powder flux for use with bronze alloys. This highly active flux can be used dry by dipping the heated alloys into the powder or formed into a paste by mixing with water (20% approx.). Applications include steels, cast irons and copper base alloys. Remove residues with a hot water rinse to yield a bright, clean, strong and porosity-free brazed joint. Conforms to the EU Reach & RoHS directive.


  • Used with oxy-fuel braze welding using low fuming bronze and nickel silver rods on steel, copper and cast iron
  • Applied to the rod by preheating the rod end and dipping the rod into the flux
  • Flux will adhere to the heated rod
  • General purpose brazing flux
  • Activity range of 1400°F - 2200°F ° (760°C - 1204°C)
  • Meets specification ANSI/AWS Class A5.31 Type FB3-J
  • RoHS compliant