Harris 1/8" x 36" Silicon Bronze GTAW TIG Welding Alloy 10 lbs. - 03SIB60

By: Harris Products Group
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3 Silicon-bronze GTAW (TIG) welding alloy is used to weld similar composition base metals of steel and cast iron to copper, brass and bronze. Frequently used to "brass weld" coated sheet steels. It can also be used to weld on galvanized steels. Conforms to AWS A5.7.


  • Silicon bronze alloy for welding base metals of steels and cast iron to copper, brass and bronze
  • Also used to weld galvanized steels
  • Frequently used for GTAW "braze welding" of coated sheet steels
  • Silicon bronze base metals generally do not require preheat
  • Brass or copper base metals may require some preheat depending on copper content and thickness
  • Use Argon for shielding gas
  • Can be used in all welding positions
  • Embossed with model number on each end for easy identification after use