Revco Black Stallion SmashPad FR Welding Mat AP3015-RG

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Welding can take its toll on your body, not only the occasional burn, but also the sore back, tired arms, tender elbows, and aching knees. Black Stallion provides relief with our innovative new SmashPad Flame-Resistant Welding Mat. The supportive cushioning mat provides comfort when kneeling, sitting, or leaning during long welding runs, and the flame-resistant fiberglass cover resists sparks. You deserve to be comfortable, dont you?

Helps to alleviate aches and pains associated with kneeling, sitting, leaning, and more during long welding runs
  • Foam cushioning provides supportive comfort
  • Inherently flame-resistant fiberglass outer shell resists sparks
  • Red 30 oz. silicone-coated fiberglass top surface is twice as thick for extra protection against sparks and spatter, with greater tear and abrasion resistance
  • Use the SmashPad™ for propping and bracing -- reduces hand and arm fatigue
  • Use for padded arm and elbow support and to lean against hot surfaces
  • Convenient carry handle and FR hook-and-loop closures
  • 16" wide x 19" long (16" x 9.5" when folded)
  • Easy to clean; Simply wipe off dirt and grime and dry
  • Connect two or more to extend padded surface

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