Lincoln Magnum Pro 175L MIG Welding Gun 10 Foot K4529-1

By: Lincoln Electric
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Magnum® PRO Semi-Automatic MIG welding gun with 175A 100% mixed gas duty cycle.

The Magnum PRO 175L is a compact and powerful addition to the Magnum PRO L-series family. It is ideal for home, farm, and small shop projects, as well as auto body work and maintenance and repair applications.


  • Premium Tip Performance - The large mass of the Magnum PRO Copper Plus™ contact tips help disperse heat, keeping tips cooler and expanding their life. The Anti-Seize™ threads prevent tips from seizing in the diffuser

  • Comfortable Grip - The lightweight curved handle with soft rubber over molding enhances comfort and allows for an easier grip of the gun

  • 100% Duty Cycle - The 175L runs at 100% duty cycle using mixed gas, helping it withstand tough jobs

What's Included

  • (1) Contact Tip KP2744-025T

  • (1) Contact Tip KP2744-035T

  • Gas Diffuser (KP3076-1)

  • 0.5 in (12.7 mm) Thread-On Gas Nozzle Flush (KP3075-1-50F)

  • Gun Liner (KP35-40-15)

  • Integrated Gun Connector


Rated Amperage 175A
Cable Length 10ft
Wire Diameter .025-.045 in. (0.6-1.2 mm)
Net Weight 2.73 (0.45 kg)
Duty Cycle at Rated Amperage 100%