Lincoln 2% Ceriated Premium .020 Tungsten Electrodes 10 Pack - KP4722-020

By: Lincoln Electric
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The Lincoln Electric 2% Ceriated (Grey) Premium Tungsten Electrodes offer excellent arc starts and stability, particularly on DC current, while also reducing oxide build up. The engineered 2% Lanthanated composition is recommended for low to medium amperage applications and is recommend for DC procedures but can be used with an AC current if desired.


Using the appropriate size of tungsten is essential for optimal performance and efficiency.

  • .020""
  • .040""
  • 1/16""
  • 3/32""
  • 1/8""
  • 5/32""


  • 2% Ceriated (EWCe-2 / Grey) tungsten is ideal for low to medium amperage applications which use a DC current but can also be used with AC currents
  • Premium and consistent composition for excellent arc starts and stability
  • ".040"" electrode diameter should used with amperages between 10 - 75 A"
  • Premium composition reduces oxide creation on tip, resulting in less time grinding, to improve productivity and reduce inefficient usage
  • "Also available in .020"", 1/16"", 3/32"", 1/8"" and 5/32"" electrode diameters"