Hypertherm SmartSYNC Cartridge Reader 528083

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The Hypertherm cartridge reader works with the Powermax SYNC™ cartridge reader app to provide a simple process for reviewing data stored in Hypertherm cartridges.

The cartridge reader fits into the cartridge and works with the near-field communication (NFC) antenna of your mobile device to transfer data stored in the cartridge into the app.

Data in the app can then be imported into the cartridge excel data analysis tool, or a customer created tool, to analyze performance for starts, transfers, arc-on time, and other valuable cartridge data. Analysis of this data helps customers better understand cartridge utilization and identify operator training opportunities.

The Powermax SYNC cartridge reader app can be downloaded from most popular app stores.

Custom Field

Compatible With Powermax 65 Sync
Compatible With Powermax 85 Sync
Compatible With Powermax 105 Sync
Consumable Type Cartridge

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