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The Powermax65 SYNC™ is a next-generation professional grade air plasma system that dramatically simplifies system operation for cutting and gouging up to 20 mm (3/4″). Featuring automated system process set-up via advanced RFID-enabled SmartSYNC™ torches and a revolutionary single-piece cartridge consumable that provides trackable utilization data. The Powermax65 SYNC maximizes productivity through reductions in downtime, optimized cut quality performance and streamlined consumable inventory management.


  • Powermax 65 Sync Power Source 
  • 75 Degree Smart Sync Torch with 50ft lead and 50ft work clamp
  • CPC Port - Built in
  • (2) 65 Amp Drag Cutting Cartridges
  • (1) 45 Amp Drag Cutting Cartridges
  • (3) Ohmic Clips
  • Operator and Safety Manuals


Easy to use

  • Cartridges are easy to identify by process with clear laser marking and color coding to eliminate part mix-ups.
  • RFID-enabled SmartSYNC™ torches and cartridges automatically set the correct amperage and operating mode, eliminating setup errors.
  • End-of-life consumable detection eliminates the uncertainty of knowing when to change the cartridge.
  • Less operator fatigue when using hand torches with our new flexible lead. The lead has the same robustness of our previous lead jacket material and will also be used on robotic torches.

Minimize operation costs

  • Simplified system operation minimizes the time and costs spent on training and troubleshooting.
  • Reductions to downtime during consumable change-outs and elimination of costs associated with premature disposal of consumable parts.
  • Cartridge usage data provides valuable insights for improving cutting operations and consumable inventory management.

Maximize performance

  • Tackle a wide range of jobs with easily interchangeable torch styles and application specific cartridges for various types of cutting and gouging.
  • Optimized cartridge consumable design provides up to twice the life for handheld cutting and improved quality over life in mechanized setups compared to standard consumables.
  • Time-saving hand torch controls allow the operator to adjust the amperage on the fly, change cartridges and applications without returning to the power supply.

Industry-leading reliability

  • SmartSYNC™ torches are engineered for rugged, industrial environments.
  • SpringStart™ technology ensures consistent starting and a more reliable torch.
  • Industry-leading reliability reduces production downtime.

Cut capacity

Capacity Thickness Cut speed
Recommended 20 mm (3/4″) 500 mm/min (20 ipm)
  25 mm (1″) 250 mm/min (10 ipm)
Severance (hand cutting) 32 mm (1-1/4″) 125 mm/min (5 ipm)
Pierce* 16 mm (5/8″)  

*Pierce rating for handheld cutting, or mechanized cutting with programmable torch height control.


Maximum removal gouging

Capacity Metal removal rate Groove profile
Typical gouge 4.0 kg (8.8 lbs.) per hour 2.9 mm D x 6.4 mm W (0.11″ D x 0.25″ W)

General specifications

Input voltages

200–480 V, 1-PH, 50/60 Hz

200–600 V, 3-PH, 50/60 Hz

Kilowatt output

9 kW

Input current

200/208/240/480 V,

1-PH 52/50/44/22 A @ 9 kW

200/208/240/480/600 V,

3-PH 32/31/27/13/13 A @ 9 kW

Output current

20–65 A

Rated output voltage

139 VDC

Duty cycle @ 104° F

50% @ 65 A, 230–600 V, 1/3-PH

40% @ 65 A, 200–208 V, 1/3-PH

100% @ 46 A, 230–600 V, 1/3-PH

Open circuit voltage (OCV)

295 VDC

Dimensions with handles

483 mm D; 233 mm W; 430 mm H (19″ D; 9.2″ W; 17″ H)

Weight w/7.6 m (25′) torch

29 kg (61 lbs.)

Gas supply

Clean, dry, oil-free air or nitrogen

Optimum inlet gas pressure

7.6–8.3 bar (110–120 psi)

Minimum inlet gas pressure

5.2 bar (75 psi)

Recommended inlet gas flow rate

Cutting: 210 I/min @ 5.9 bar (450 scfh, 7.5 scfm @ 85 psi)

Gouging: 210 I/min @ 4.8 bar (450 scfh, 7.5 scfm @ 70 psi)

Input power cable length

3 m (10′)

Power supply type

Inverter – IGBT

Engine drive requirement

15 kW for full 65 A output


CSA-certified for use in the Americas and Asia, except China


Power supplies have a 3-year warranty and torches a 1-year warranty

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