Harris Model K-43-3 Alternate Fuels 16" Heavy Duty Heating Torch Assembly 1801370

By: Harris Products Group
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Model K-43 heating torch assembly for use with alternate fuels features the heavy duty 42-3 heating handle, 2393 stainless steel tip tube and the high-flow E3-43 (F-43) mixer. It is designed to use Harris 2290-H and 2290-HPM high-performance, multi-flame, heating tips. Ideal for use with RBA and RBP flame cleaning heads. (Assembly does not include tips. Tips sold separately.) Heats up to 1,025,000 BTU. Alternate fuels include propylene or propane-based fuels and natural gas. **Fuel gas pressure requirements of 10 psig. **For fuel gas pressures of 10 psig or less use Model B-43-N mixer (PN 9100306), Model 43-2 handle (PN 1401150) and 2393 tip tube/Tip combination available. Limited to tip sizes Model 2290 1-3H or 1-3HPM.


  • Heavy duty heating torch assembly designed to use alternate fuels*
  • "E" equal or positive pressure mixing system resists damage due to flashback
  • Features the heavy duty 42-3 heating handle;2393 SS tip tube and the high-flow E3-43 (F-43) mixer
  • Designed to use the Harris 2290-H and HPM high-performance multi-flame heating tips
  • Ideal for use with RBA and RBP flame cleaning heads
  • On year manufacturer's warranty

General Equipment

Construction Brass and stainless steel
Duty Heavy
Gas / Gas Service Alternate Fuels (Propylene, Propane-based fuels, Natural Gas)
Inlet Connection B" 9/16" - 18 (R&L)
Mixer Model Number E3-43 (F-43)
Mixer Type E" equal or positive pressure
Recommended Items/Accessories 2290-H Sizes 1-5
2290-HPM Sizes 1-5
Tip Tube Model Number 2393-3F
Torch Handle Model Number 43-2
Torch Length 16" (406.4mm)

Brazing Cutting Heating and Welding Tips

Fuel Gas PSIG (Min. - Max.) 10 psig (minimum)*

Gas Regulation

Heating Capacity 1,025,000 BTU


Compatible Heating Tip Model Number - Alternate Fuel (Size) 2290-H Sizes 1-5; 2290-HPM Sizes 1-5


Warranty 1 Year