Lincoln Vantage 549X Deutz Diesel Engine Driven Welder Generator Ready-Pak 1 - K3534-2-RP1

By: Lincoln Electric
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Excellent, all-around welder/generator capable of up to 575 amps of DC multi-process welding, 120/240 VAC single phase, and 240 VAC three phase auxiliary power. Powered by a 49.4 hp Deutz® TD2.9L4 diesel engine and features patented Chopper Technology® and CrossLinc® Technology. The Ready-Pak® 1 includes the welder, trailer, fender and light kit, cable rack, welding cables, ground clamps, and electrode holder in one preassembled package.

The Vantage® 549X is a powerful welder/generator that packs up to 575 amps of welding output and 19 kW of auxiliary power into a single machine. Housing a compliant 49.4 horsepower engine, the machine meets all state and federal emissions regulations to move freely across state lines without the burden of extra compliance fees. Coupled with a dependable design, the durable Vantage 549X can handle an extensive range of jobs such as heavy-duty carbon arc gouging, large submerged arc wires, and advanced pulse welding. Now better than ever, the machine features CrossLinc® Technology to provide welders with greater control at the arc to help improve safety, productivity, and weld quality. Choose this machine to handle your next job!


  • Power Without Boundaries – Offers up to 575 amps (IEC rated at 525 amps) of welding current to tackle numerous welding and carbon arc gouging applications. Select one of five basic process modes including CC-Stick, Downhill Pipe, DC Touch Start TIG®, CV-Wire, or Arc Gouging mode, which maximizes output for up to 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) carbon rods.
  • Generator Output – Provides up to 19 kW of continuous three-phase power to run industrial tools such as plasma cutters, pumps, or inverter welders.
  • Patented Chopper® Technology – Experience premium arc performance with minimized spatter for stick or pipe welding as well as enhanced gouging performance that prevents the engine from stalling, resulting in smooth material removal.
  • Expanded Welding Capabilities – Utilize customized modes for stainless, aluminum, and steel as well as advanced SAW and orbital pipe modes. Features pulse welding capability for better arc control in out-of-position work and low heat input for critical welds.
  • CrossLinc® Enabled – Allows communication through a standard weld cable to enable voltage or current control at the arc without a control cable to help improve safety, quality, and productivity with less trips to the power source and reduced jobsite clutter. Built-in True Voltage Technology™ (TVT) compensates for voltage drop to further improve operations.
  • Reliable Operations – Engineered tough and field proven for ruggedness and durability to meet the most challenging job site needs and harshest environments.
  • Industrial Diesel Engine – Powered by a 49.4 hp, turbocharged Deutz® diesel engine. Runs smooth and quiet while meeting EPA Tier 4 Final compliance
  • Rent-Ready Package – Product comes in one preassembled package from the factory. Ready-Pak® 1 option includes the welder, trailer, fender and light kit, cable rack, welding cables, ground clamps, and electrode holder.

What's Included

  • Vantage® 549X (Deutz®) | K3534-2
  • Large Two-Wheel Welder Trailer | K2637-2
  • Cable Rack for Welder Trailers | K2640-1
  • Fender and Light Kit for Welder Trailers | K2639-1
  • Weld Cable - Tweco® Male & Open End (3/0, 600A, 60%)- 10 ft (3 m) | K2483-3
  • Weld Cable - Tweco® Male & Female (3/0, 600A, 60%) - 50 ft (15.3 m) | K2485-3
  • Weld Cable - Tweco® Male & 0.53 Lug (3/0, 600A, 60%) - 50 ft (15.3 m) | K2484-3
  • Insulated CT40FS Female Connector | K2487-1
  • EH-405HD Electrode Holder - 400A, 60% Duty Cycle | K909-8
  • GC-500 Work Clamp - 500A, 60% Duty Cycle | K910-2



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