Revco Black Stallion TruGuard 200 FR Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt Orange with Reflective Safety Stripes

By: Revco Black Stallion
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Provides warmth and FR protection for a variety of industrial and welding applications


  • Comfortable FR treated cotton*
  • Convenient exterior sleeve pocket
  • Removable hood for jobsite safety
  • Covered flaps on pockets and zipper front help keep sparks out
  • Standup collar provides additional protection against sparks and wind
  • Sizes: M-4XL


The JF1332 TruGuard FR hooded sweatshirt brings everyday comfort and safety to welders. The hood itself is easily removable with sturdy snaps for jobsite safety. A welder's collar remains to protect against sparks and wind, providing a classic look even without the hood. Our hoodie is designed with a flap protected zipper and overlap closure front pockets to help keep sparks out. Also, we couldn't call it complete without adding a useful scribe pocket for your soapstone holder, and a prominent FR label on the sleeve helps keep inspectors happy, while the hi-vis adds visual safety with many square inches of bright 2" FR reflective tape trimmed with an additional yellow border. Our hoodie displays the reflective tape in an "X" configuration on the back that warns others your back is turned to them.