Lincoln Tomahawk 45 Handheld Plasma Cutter K5458-1

By: Lincoln Electric
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The Tomahawk 45 plasma cutting system is versatile and portable, weighing only 28 lbs. You can easily carry it to any job site and start cutting projects. This system can handle everything, whether cutting through thick metal or working with expanded metal. With its 45A capability, you can tackle even the most challenging cutting tasks. Tomahawk initiates the plasma arc with a simple yet reliable touch-start mechanism that eliminates many failure problems associated with high-frequency start systems. The control system includes a Parts-in-Place™ feature to ensure consumables are in place before initiating the cutting or gouging process. Hook up the compressed air, grab the torch, and you’re all set.

Processes »
Plasma Cutting, Grid and Gouging

Applications »
On site maintenance, Small construction sites, Air ducting installation (HVAC), Demolition work, Rental


  • LC40 hand plasma torch 20 ft. (6 m) cable
  • Air regulator and pressure gauge
  • Internal water separator
  • Work clamp and cable
  • Spare consumables
  • Shoulder strap
  • Input power cord


  • 2.8” LCD Screen – For an easier and user friendly interface.
  • Continuous Output Control – Focus the arc for different material thickness.
  • Touch Start System – Reliable plasma arc initiation without high frequency.
  • Rapid Arc Restrike – Fast cutting through gaps, even expanded metal.
  • Front Panel Purge Control – Makes it easy to set the air flow rate without initiating the plasma arc.
  • Cool Operation, Long Consumable Life - Numerous torch consumables for a wide range of hand-held applications.
  • Added Safety – Our Parts-in-Place system detects correct installation of consumables and torch.
  • Lightweight and Portable – Easily carried by one person.
  • Engine Drive Compatible – Select a Lincoln Electric recommended engine driven welder / generator to power your Tomahawk in remote locations.


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