Harris 6290-5AC Two-piece Heavy Pre-heat Acetylene Hand Cutting Tip 1502176

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Model 6290-AC is a two-piece acetylene tip for hand cutting torches.


  • Two-piece hand cutting tip with copper outer shell and brass internal shell
  • Heavy preheat
  • For use with acetylene
  • Cuts steel that is painted, rusted or has a heavily scaled surface
  • Depth of cut - 7"-10""
  • Typical applications include demolition, maintenance, acetylene machine cutting
  • Engraved with model number and tip size for easy identification
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • To provide proper gas flow, use 3/8" ID hose for this size tip

General Equipment

Compatible Cutting Attachment Model Number 72-3
Compatible Handle Model Number 18-5
Compatible Torch Model Number 42-4E
Construction Two-piece
Gas / Gas Service Acetylene - To provide proper gas flow, use 3/8” ID hose for this tip size
Mixer Type E" Equal or positive pressure
Preheat Type Heavy
Recommended Items/Accessories Deluxe Tip Cleaner - Model E-9 - PN 900160

Brazing Cutting Heating and Welding Tips

Alternate Fuel Gas PSIG (Min. - Max.) 8 - 15
Cutting Depth 7" - 10
Cutting Drill Size NO. 35
Fuel Gas SCFH (Min. - Max.) 32 - 54
Oxygen Flow SCFH 494 - 625
Oxygen PSIG 65 - 80
Tip Size / Number 5AC


Warranty 1 Year

Custom Field

Tip Series 6290-AC
Tip Size 5
Fuel Gas Acetylene

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