Lincoln Electric Flextec 350X PowerConnect / Flex Feed 84 One-Pak - K4274-7

By: Lincoln Electric
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Flextec 350X / Flex Feed 84 One-Pak for fabrication shops wanting to gain more control and productivity.

If your shop is limited to 230V input power, then the Flextec 350X PowerConnect / Flex Feed-84 One-Pak satisfies the need. PowerConnect gives the versitility to connect to any input voltage from 200-600V, single or three phase. When combined with the fully featuerd Flex Feed 84 wire feeder, you are ready to take control of your weld shop. Feautures like weld schedule memory recall make set up easy and precise. The One-pak includes all the equiment you need to get started including Lincoln Electric's most durable and ergonomic HDE weld gun. All this in one, easy to order, part number.


  • PowerConnect allows for Automatic reconnect to any incoming voltage 200-575VAC, single or three-phase, 50 or 60Hz
  • Four user memory locations for quick recall of weld paramters
  • Ability to set limits around the weld parameters to ensure better quality
  • Ability to set a passcode for the system ensuring that desired welding parameters are adhered to.
  • Proven Reliability. Based on the same proven platform as the previous Flextec machines. Lab and field tested to perform in extreme environments

What's Included

  • 8.5 ft. (2.6m) input power cord
  • Drive Roll Kit .035, .045 (0.9, 1.2 mm) Solid Wire | KP1505-1
  • Weld Cable Package - Work & Power Lead 2/0 - Tweco® Male & GC500 / Tweco® Male & Lug - 10 ft (3 m) | K1803-2
  • Control Cable Extension - Male 14 pin to Female 14 pin - 10 ft (3 m) | K1797-10
  • Flextec® 350X PowerConnect® (Tweco) | K4273-1
  • Flex Feed® 84 Single Bench with Heavy Duty Wire Reel Stand | K5000-2
  • Magnum® PRO Curve™ HDE™ 250 Welding Guns | K4531-2-10-45
  • Model 355-2Ar-58010 Flowmeter Regulator Shielding Gas Kit | 3100211
Flextec 350 Spec Sheet Click to Download
Flexfeed 84 Spec Sheet Click to Download
Operator's Manual Click to Download