Lincoln CarbonElite 3/16" x 12" Pointed Gouging Electrodes 50 Pack - KP3800-3/16

By: Lincoln Electric
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CarbonElite arc gouging carbon electrodes are made of a proprietary composition to deliver high efficiency metal removal. The copper coated carbons offer excellent arc stability and generate less heat for a controlled melt off rate. Available in pointed, jointed, flat and hollow electrode types for use in numerous semi-automatic or automatic applications.


  • Removing defective welds
  • Removing surface welds for re-surfacing
  • Preparing joints for welding
  • Backgouging base material to allow for a full penetration weld deposit


  • Full copper coating improves arc stability and reduces heat generation
  • Consistent melt-off rate for smooth, uniform grooves
  • High density formula increases durability
  • Premium synthetic graphite composition extends electrode life to maximize metal removal