Hypertherm Powermax 105 Plasma 75 Degree Hand Torch 50' - 059474

By: Hypertherm
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This torch is an upgraded torch for the Hypertherm Powermax 105 plasma cutter. 

Key torch advantages

  • The handle is more heat resistant and performs at least five times longer in high impact tests than previous torches.
  • Conical Flow nozzle increases arc energy density for superior cut quality with little dross.
  • Patent pending shield reduces dross buildup and enables smoother drag cutting for a better cut.

Hand torch cut capacity

  • Recommended: up to 1" (25 mm) at cutting speeds of 20 ipm (500 mm/min)
  • Maximum: up to 1.25" (32 mm) at cutting speeds of 10 ipm (250 mm/min)
  • Severance: up to 1.5" (32 mm) at slow 5 ipm (125mm/min)
  • Gouging metal removal rate: of 19.5 lbs. (8.8 kg) per hour
  • Groove Profile: .23"(5.8mm) D x .28"(7.1 mm) W