Lincoln Electric Flextec 350X Construction (Tweco) 4-Pack Rack - K3402-3

By: Lincoln Electric
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Flextec 350X construction multi-process 4 pack welding rack power source has CrossLinc technology for remote operation in construction welding applications.

Flextec 350X Construction model 4-pack inverter rack is a compact rack that houses and protects 4 Flextec 350X Construction model power sources. Allows for easy transport to and from the construction site. Convenience of a single primary power drop for powering 4 welding arcs. Flextec 350X machines are CrossLinc compatible which allows for greater control and productivity.


  • Compact and tough inverter rack structure allows up to (4) Flextec 350X welders to be transported and as one unit protected from the elements.
  • All machines connected to a common work stud.
  • Powers all welders with one primary power drop.
  • Heavy square tubing used throughout construction, even for roof supports, to resist bending and twisting during lifts.

What's Included

  • Work cables from individual machines to inverter rack work stud.
  • Flextec® 350X Empty 4-Pack Rack | K3400-2
  • Flextec® 350X Locking Foot Kit | K4424-1
  • Flextec® 350X Construction (Tweco® ) | K4271-2
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